Date: 2016-04-11 09:15 pm (UTC)
winterkoninkje: shadowcrane (clean) (Default)
Yeahno, definitely. The idea that all communicating of virtues is superficial/dishonest is bogus. A big part of why I'm out and vocal about various things at work, online, etc, is so other folks in similar positions realize they're not alone / have someone they can talk to. I've had a bunch of folks come up to me over the years thanking me for how my being open about things helped them address/explore their own issues, even though these thanks are often the first 1-on-1 interaction we've had. Just being there, being visible, can help so much.

A big part of the issue here is the fact that the term as Bartholomew uses it is intentionally disingenuous. My being out/woke isn't "virtue signaling", in the sense that this appellation of being "virtuous" is not my aim; I couldn't care less whether folks call me "virtuous" or not. (Whereas clearly my actions do communicate the things I believe to be virtues.) But this fact is beside the point; Bartholomew et al.'s use of the term is specifically designed to erase the communication of leftie-type belief structures (because these beliefs are antithetical to his own) and to establish images of leftie-type people as being vain and sycophantic (because such an image helps to discredit their person, and hence further hide their actual position). That is, Bartholomew asserts that any communication of belief structures he disapproves of is only ever done for superficial/dishonest reasons; that assertion is core to the meaning of his coinage "virtue signaling" —no matter the details of how anyone actually communicates their beliefs and virtues.

Here in the US there's been a whole lot of co-opting of movements lately. It's especially strong with gender/sexuality minorities ("pinkwashing") and with women-in-tech (no special name as yet). A lot of companies (especially tech companies) make loud announcements about their support for GSM rights or hiring women or whatever, but their contributions to events is just buying indulgences while they continue their practices of supporting/creating systemic injustice.
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