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Birthdate:Feb 8
Location:Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I'm a 30-something applied mathematician, moving into statistics after ten years in eyeball science. Born in California, lived in Sydney, Blue Mountains, and Canberra, now living and working in Melbourne.

Married to [info]reynardo since 2002, stepfather of the inimitable [info]da_norvegicus a.k.a. 'Adam' and 'Ratboy'. God-figure to Dog-Or the Wonder Spaniel. Sibling (it's a long story) of [info]silverblue and [info]thunderfoot23, plus a beloved younger brother in MelbourneDarwin who doesn't do the geek thing.

For fun I roleplay (currently D&D), plot evil with [info]silverblue, and write stuff, most of which never gets finished. I have a couple of minor publication credits with Steve Jackson Games. The D&D games are written up on [info]shinyshinyelves, and some additional bits in [info]calair's own journal. I also paint figures for gaming, but the unpainted ones still outnumber the painted ones.

'Friending': Go ahead, I'll probably friend you back. If you drop me an introductory comment here, it'll save me trying to figure out whether you're somebody I should know from RL. BTW, real friendships and the LJ 'friends' list are not the same thing; I'm not going to take offense if you decide my journal isn't as interesting as it first looked.

Please don't store any of my posts (including publicly-accessible ones) on archival services potentially accessible by others - e.g. Frienditto - without asking first.

Offensive stuff: I mostly use labelled LJ-cuts for stuff that might be offensive (or just lengthy). I won't post images likely to cause anybody trouble, except behind an appropriately flagged cut, and I try to mark political rantings with my Lemony Snicket icons so those who find that sort of thing tiresome can skip 'em. If I forget, the first person to notice gets to drop me a comment.

Politics and religion: Differences of opinion are fine - I have several LJ and RL friends who disagree with me vehemently on these topics. But keep it courteous, and keep it informed; I'm not particularly interested in watching people regurgitate talking points they haven't actually thought through.

Iconage: Unless the icon info says 'free use', please check with me or the original creator before ganking any of these icons. For the source of "You are interrogating this text from the wrong perspective", see here. Eyebats come from Scary Go Round. The black-and-white disc illusion comes from this article, and a larger version of the animation can be seen here.

My username is explained here.
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