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Migraine: bad.
Ice pack applied to back of skull: good.
Ice pack frozen to hair: bad.
Beautiful wife to disengage my hair from icepack: good.
Failure to secure binding "promise not to laugh" agreement beforehand: bad.

ow ow ow.
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In Melbourne. We went to see Wunderkammer this morning (yay fossils! yay taxidermy! yay antique scientific/medical equipment!), dropped by [livejournal.com profile] mordwen's pool party, and then went to see the Australian Synchrotron at Clayton. We stood on the balcony looking at shiny machinery and inhaling the SCIENCE!

Migraine the other day. Boring details for my own records. )

Edit: Also, Octopus go squish!
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Has diminished to single-ow levels. Better be gone by tomorrow, or I'll be exceedingly unimpressed; I'm surprised it's lasted this long. Will be interested to see how the neck-twisty bit of tomorrow's chiropractor visit goes.
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ow ow ow. Went to bed with swirly vision and splitting headache about 8 pm, now awake because my sleep's out, with a dull ache and that delightful post-migraine feeling of blah. The first time was interesting as a scientific experience in a "I can see the blood patterns in my brain!" kinda way, but the novelty wore off after that. Will probably go back to bed, but for now I'm wide awake.

In other news, one of the many Evil Grandmother Dramas was that she wanted a room of Her own. Having frittered away all her money on this and that, most recently changing homes repeatedly, she couldn't afford a room of her own. I predicted a couple of months back that this would only be a temporary setback: by acting as comes naturally, she would either drive out or kill whatever roommates she got.

I regret to say that this is exactly what happened; the poor lady who was sharing with her confessed to the nursing home staff that she'd taken to wandering the corridors at night waiting for Nancy to go to sleep before she dared go back to her room; Nancy had been beating her up. Yes, I know decent people can become obnoxious as a side-effect of dementia; in her case, though, this is merely a more physical expression of the way she's *always* been.


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