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After several rounds of "that would look lovely *paint paint paint* NO IT'S RUBBISH" I finally seem to have hit on a colour scheme for my Tyranids. Posting this mostly for my own benefit:

Flesh: paint with some sort of sulfur-yellow. Paint ends up very streaky but this doesn't matter because it's only an undercoat.

Paint over with GW Scab Red, except for the eyes - leave those yellow. A little bit of the yellow shows through, which seems to look better than straight red - it's a bit warmer and it gives it a bit more shading.

Brush with GW Flesh Wash. I almost always water my washes down before use (dip brush in wash, dunk tip once in water, wipe to reduce volume) and this is no exception. This provides most of the shading and incidentally helps mask any stray paint marks around the joins etc.

Highlight with GW Liche Purple. Genestealers have a lot of relief on them to begin with, and the red-wash-purple look gives that a nice biological tint. The Tyranids will probably spend most of their time standing in for demons etc in D&D* so I want something that looks good as a generic demon.

Edit: works OK without the purple, can leave this one out.

Exoskeleton: a darkish blue (not too impressed with the one I used here, will look for something else), drybrushed with Ultramarine, drybrushed again with Vallejo Sky Blue. (Had to shake the bottle for about a minute before the blue would cooperate, but cooperate it eventually did.) Need to be very delicate with the sky blue.

I've been experimenting with some lovely yellow-green interference pigments, and I really wanted to use some here to bring out their insect-like nature, but I'm not sure whether it would be overkill - previous mixes I've done with this have been a little over-sparkly. Considering whether to give it a very light brushing?

Endoskeleton**: dark brown Vallejo of some description, brushed over with GW Kommando Khaki, then again with Skull White.


Colour variant: flesh based in Sunburst Yellow (takes several coats), washed with Vallejo Green Ink. Did one layer watered, result a bit blotchy, redid with non-watered for better effect. Less ink on front of face. Eyes: Vallejo Sky Blue. Mouth: Skull White for teeth, washed with Flesh Wash. Tongue: Liche Purple at base, then Exile Blue - Ultramarine - Sky Blue.

Carapace: based in Vallejo Military Green (Dark Angels Green would probably work), highlighted with Vallejo Mutation Green, then again with Scorpion Green. Iridescent powder mixed with Scorpion Green for final highlights.

Claws - as previous colour scheme, but easier on the Skull White at the end.

*In theory, I'd like to actually use these guys for a game of 40K one day. In practice, it takes longer for me to assemble a small portion of a 40K army than it does for Games Workshop to put out a new edition of the rules. By the time I have either my Tyranids or my Raven Guard anywhere near complete, it'll probably be Warhammer 45K or so.

**Canonically, the 'nids have both. I like this idea, so I emphasise it by making the two look very different - chitin for the exoskeleton, more of a bone look for the endo-.
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