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Sent today:

Hi, my wife and I have been coming to Dracula's [cabaret restaurant] for 15 years, often bringing friends and family with us. Last night (Retro Vampt in Melbourne) was our fifth time.

As always the food was great and parts of the show were great. But the repeated anti-trans jokes left a bad taste in my mouth. (I counted at least three, including one about Caitlyn Jenner that must have been added in the last couple of weeks - if you're going to be topical, I'd much rather have had something about Christopher Lee.)

My wife and I have several transgender friends, we know the sort of crap they have to deal with in life, and it's just not enjoyable for us to deal with that on what's supposed to be a relaxing night out. The previous time we came, we took one of our trans friends and they had a great time - I'm very glad they weren't at last night's act.

I know gender-bending Rocky Horror humour is Dracula's thing, and I enjoy that, but there are ways to do it that don't come across as "ew nothing worse than a transgender woman, amirite?" If I wanted that, I'd watch the Footy Show. (Not too keen on the homophobic parts of the act, either.)

It's your show, you get to decide what sort of comedy you want to perform. All I can do is let you know that if anti-trans jokes are going to be part of the act then I'll have to look elsewhere for a fun night out, and I'd be sad to do that. I've had a lot of fun at Drac's over the years.

(Tattoo progress: itchy.)


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