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Painted up a squad of 40K Marine scouts (just awaiting some finishing touches). Notes to self:

- Yes, Raven Guard have a nice simple colour scheme that simplifies painting, but this is balanced out by the fact that GW don't make transfers for them. After looking at some painting tips, I may be able to manage a stylised raven. (And I only need to do it for two of the scouts, since the rest have cloaks covering their shoulder guards... once I get on to the other Marines, it'll be a different story.)

- Speaking of cloaks, these worked pretty well if I say so myself. I wanted a camo pattern, but it needed to fit in with the chapter's colour scheme - Marines tend to be proud of their colours, and while the Raven Guard are more enthusiastic about stealth than most of their brethren, I can't see them wearing bright desert camo. Also, it needed to be simple enough that I could paint it quickly, and keep it consistent. What I ended up with: black base coat, then vertically-oriented diamonds of Model Color's Dark Grey, then randomly-oriented short lines of London Grey (slightly lighter grey, still fairly dark). End result is a dappled shadowy look that should fit in most settings; I then highlighted the most prominent bits with more of the Dark Grey, and brushed on brown 'mud' around the edges.

- Bases: Filler sanded and painted in burnt umber and then brushed with a lighter brown, so it could be seen as either mud or rock. Scenic grass added (the tall stuff), which made them look like they were skulking and had the unintended benefit of concealing the bits on the legs where I'd skimped on detail.

- Missile launcher: Painted in the same camo colours (but not the same pattern - here I just went for random blotches). I wanted this to look like it'd been banged around and dragged through bushes etc, so I brushed over the more prominent bits with metal for that 'paint scraped off' look.

- Faces: Always fiddly, these, and when I'm doing a squad of five I don't want to spend forever trying to get the details right. The fluff tells me that the Raven Guard Marines get paler and paler as they age; the Scouts are among the youngest, but I still thought they should be a bit paler then usual. So I went with Game Colour 'Elfic Flesh' (the lightest flesh paint I have - practically an off-white) and then brushed over them with Reaper Flesh Wash. This came out about right (Rey's comment on seeing them was "they're a bit too pale", which was just what I was aiming for ;-) and I just went over the eyes with Elfic again before dotting them with a smidgin of black.

The end result amused me; the ones on the box just have standard Space Marine faces, and one of mine has a similar 'hardened soldier' look. But for some reason, one of the others is wearing an expression that can only be described as "OH MY GOD IT'S COMING RIGHT FOR US!"

- Night-vision goggles. I know that real night-vision goggles do not glow on the front side (and if they did, they'd make their users stand out like a beacon) but dammit, it looks cool. Horrendous light yellow-green, followed up with green ink. Same effect for the back end of their rifle scopes, although this is barely visible once they're put together; for the front of the scopes, I just used the same light grey/black wash that worked so nicely for the telescope on my cottage.
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