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2017-02-01 07:16 pm
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Further cat developments

Mama Cat did not escape during the night, so we took her in to the vet to be spayed this morning and brought her back home in the afternoon. The vet told us to keep her inside overnight before releasing her tomorrow. She's a beautiful cat but undersized; she was also pregnant again. No wonder she was desperate enough to go to the trap for food.

We'd decided to go on feeding her after release, because we'd grown quite fond of her. Sort of a Sherlock Holmes/Irene Adler thing. (Book version not TV/film version TYVM).

But then the cat-rescue lady who lent us the trap volunteered to take her on. This is excellent. I think she may still be young enough to be domesticated by somebody with more experience than Rey and I have. I'll miss having her around but I'll be glad to know she's being looked after. We had already looked for shelters and couldn't find anything suitable (plenty willing to take on feral kittens... near-adults, not so much) so this was a real stroke of luck.

Photos of Queen Mother and Princess Bilqis below the cut.
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