Jan. 31st, 2017

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Tonight we finally trapped Mama Cat. Again. Tomorrow morning we find out whether my work on reinforcing the trap has made it a bit more escape-proof than the last time. If she hasn't escaped, we'll be taking her to the vet to get spayed, and then presumably release her again.

She took quite a bit of catching, and we only managed to get her after trapping both the local toms. (We caught Ginger Tom the other night but let him go again; hopefully he'll have less reason to hang around once Mama and Miss B have both had the operation.)

Mama Cat had figured out what the pressure plate was for, and had taken to lounging around in view of our kitchen window waiting for us to bait the trap so she could steal the food from it. In the end we tied a long string to the trigger and ran the other end back inside the house. When she started sniffing around the trap I hid behind the door and Rey watched out the window and let me know when to pull the string. (Which I did so hard I gave myself rope burn. Oh well.)

She seems a bit less wild than Dad Cat; I wonder if she might have been a pet at some point. I'm hoping that she might get a bit tamer with feeding, if she forgives us for the vet trip, but the main priority is just to make sure she doesn't have any more kittens.

Meanwhile, Miss B is growing fast. She's over 1.5 kg now, and looking more like a mini-cat and less like a kitten. She's been very sooky today, and I'm fine with that; the way the world is lately, having a snuggly feline is no bad thing.


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