Sep. 28th, 2011

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Interesting piece here about the difficulties in recording small populations - the US Bureau of the Census had to revise their estimates of same-sex married couples from 349,377 down to 131,729.

In this case the problem was due to a tiny detail in form design that meant somewhere around one in a thousand households were mistakenly recorded as same-sex couples. Unfortunately, just one in a thousand is enough to swamp the real ones.

(It would be interesting to compare the Census counts to marriage records - the article doesn't mention it, but I assume BotC would have tried that if at all possible, since it's an obvious line of investigation.)
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Three moments of self-discovery while painting wargaming stuff:

- I always feel guilty about drybrushing. It's a useful Lazy Painter technique (probably my second favourite, after inking, and it looks good) but I can't quite forget that the brush I'm destroying used to be a good one. It's sort of a "the crack-voiced lush begging in the street used to be the leading lady of her day" vibe, only with paintbrushes. Erm.
- As much as I fear trying to draw symbols freehand, I dislike using waterslide decals even more. They wrinkle something awful when applied to a curved surface (which it almost always is), and they fall off at the slightest touch.
- When forced to draw freehand, I'm not actually as awful as I think I am. It's not perfect, but I think the not-quite-flatness of the decals looks worse than the imperfections in my freehand.

And, miracle of miracles, in the last month-ish I've actually painted ten more figures than I've bought. (OK, discounting a bunch I bought to use for parts, since I don't intend to paint them as-is.)


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