Feb. 15th, 2008

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In the Oz today:

KEVIN Rudd is preparing to invite Brendan Nelson on a road trip to a remote indigenous community in coming weeks as the first splits emerge with the Opposition over the Prime Minister's bipartisan "war cabinet" to tackle Aboriginal disadvantage.

As the Opposition Leader wrote to Mr Rudd asking for former indigenous affairs minister Mal Brough to be included in the new cabinet, his indigenous affairs spokesman, Tony Abbott, warned that the Coalition would not accept anything less than equal say in the partnership.

Dear Tony: Back in November we held something called an 'election'. In that election, the Australian public decided to give 65 seats to the Coalition, and 83 seats to the ALP. Considering how often the Coalition has invited ALP input on indigenous policy (or any other) over the last ten years, you should be pleasantly surprised to be offered any role in this.

(My best guess is that Abbott is well aware just how difficult a project this is, and would rather stay out of it and carp from the sidelines than participate.)
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So, I decided to do up a Space Marine force for Warhammer 40K (yes, I'm a nerd) and after resolving to do something with a nice bright colour scheme, went looking through the fluff to find a chapter I liked. So of course I ended up with the Raven Guard, whose colour scheme is exactly what you'd expect from a chapter based on Edgar Allan Poe's best-known work.

Anyway, somewhere along the line I'll be doing some back banners for them, and it occurred to me that they need mottoes. For reasons beyond my ken, the language spoken by the genetically-engineered supermen of the far future is Latin, which presents the irresistible temptation for bad in-jokes. The only problem is, I've forgotten most of the Latin I ever knew.

So, anybody able to provide translations for the following? Preferably terse, since they need to fit on smallish banners, and I'd rather avoid versions that could be mistaken for racial epithets.

For the No. 1: "Dye it black!"
For the scouts: "Do Your Best" and "Made With Real Scouts".
For (not yet decided): "How much more black could it be?" and "None more black".
For the Dreadnought: "Caw! Caw! Bang! [profane expression of surprise and vexation!] I'm dead!" (I'm guessing this might not be practical, but worth a shot.)

Other suggestions for bad jokes welcome...


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