Jan. 7th, 2008

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Poor design decisions:

"The vulnerability [in the new Boeing Dreamliner] comes from having the plane's in-flight internet access computer system connected to the plane's flight-safety, control and navigation network."

Had a quiet weekend at home. Did not go anywhere, except to do a small amount of shopping. Did not do anything, other than a couple of loads of washing. Spent the rest of the weekend reading and painting a Tyranid.

Painting notes: chitin = gloss black base, painted over with 3:1 chaos black/red metallic, then highlighted with a 1:1 mix and drybrushed with unmixed red metallic. Worked out rather nicely - that little bit of metallic makes it look something like a glossy beetle shell.

Fleshy bits: deep sea blue, highlighted with violet (looked nice), then highlighted again with blue-violet* and suddenly it looked awful. Cringed at the thought of repainting the whole thing, then fell back on 'slather the whole thing with Chestnut Ink'. And suddenly it looked good again.

Slimy bits to cover up some gribbly putty work: Emerald Green ink. Also used for the saliva.

...I really need to get a camera with a macro zoom. I'm fairly pleased with this one - it looks ferocious and yet pretty.

Meanwhile, bloody hot here - painting under lights didn't help either. I had a fan on, but between the heat and the fan it makes the paint dry very quickly on the brush, and also the fan blows tiny bits of fluff everywhere.

*Which is for some reason less blue than 'violet' is.


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