Dec. 2nd, 2007

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Finished painting up the GW chapel set today. Notes so I can remember how I did stuff:

- Shading on the walls: didn't work so well. I haven't painted a building before so this was a bit of an experiment, and I think I need to either use more intermediate shades or keep most of it a flat colour with just a narrow belt of shading and a few highlights.
- Slate roof: worked reasonably well. Reaper blue-black, black ink, another coat of blue-black over the top, then brushing with Shadow Grey (which is really a blue-grey), and then light brushing with Space Wolves Grey. Might look better if I picked out a few tiles to paint in slightly different shades, to make the tiles a little less regular.
- Statues with verdigris: quite good on their own, not sure they quite go with the rest of the building (perhaps needed a bit of black ink to grime them up a bit?) Bronze, brushed with Mint Green satin (this is runny so it naturally flows into the niches etc), then brushed over again with bronze.''

Oh, and... next time, paint the wretched things SEPARATELY and glue them onto the building afterwards, because trying to paint the fiddly bits that are just visible behind them is a pain.

- Lanterns: worked very nicely. Bronze for the metal frame and a white base for the glass bits, then satins on the glass: Gold Silk at the middle, working out through Mandarin Orange to Fire Glow. Then clean up the bits of bronze facing away from the glass; the ones nearest don't matter so much, since it just looks like they're catching the light. A little bit of black ink on the exposed surfaces that are out of the light (basically, reversing the usual highlighting process) and then brush nearby metallic surfaces on the building with Fire Glow (and very light brushing on the slate - I ended up wiping it off again to leave just a tiny bit) to look like reflection from the lanterns.
- Model fits together better than most GW kits, but seam lines still visible on the joins even after lots of gap-filler and shaving with a scalpel to smooth them out a bit. Could probably have covered them up better with some putty work, but life's too short.

At some stage I should paint up the telescope and glue that into the window, but it'll do for now.

Also, picked up the Church's singles collection... om nom nom.


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