Jan. 3rd, 2006

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Another year, another Windows vulnerability, and quite a nasty one by the look of it; might want to check your security settings, if you haven't already.

The 2005 Atlantic hurricane season officially ended on November 30, but Tropical Storm Zeta is still hanging in there. The NOAA has a list of the many records broken by this year's hurricane season.

[livejournal.com profile] velvetink has some photos of the smoke from the recent bushfires to the north. It was Sydney's hottest New Year's Day on record (45C/113F, and 47C elsewhere in NSW; hotter for the firefighters, of course).

Dog-Or got me a DVD of Peter Gabriel's music videos for Christmas. Such a thoughtful doggie! Still waiting on a present I ordered for somebody else on October 31; if it doesn't arrive this week, time to chase the company again.

Bought myself a little electric drill, which has made the whole pinning-models process much easier - a lot faster than using a pin vise, and more importantly more control. What am I saying? I'm an instant-gratification child and the speed's what really makes me happy, but the control is also good. I'm still working on my giant eagle, which broke off its base under its own weight (lovely pose, shoddy engineering). My Cunning Plan is that if I angle it into a turn, I can have half of its tail scraping the ground (rather than just the very tip) and get three pins into it between the tailfeathers rather than just one, but I'm still not sure that'll be enough to hold it. Any modellers got suggestions here?
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But seeing it makes me smile.



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