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I was browsing through my friendly local gaming store yesterday, looking at the miniatures, and came across two (both NSFW) that caught my attention:

Bug Hunter

X'Stacy (limited edition, but perhaps not limited enough).

If you don't want to load them: the Bug Hunter is a woman who presumably hunts aliens. She's carrying a big gun, and wearing heavy armour that looks to be a mix of leather and solid metal plates. Unfortunately, it only comes up to her waist.

Er, did I say 'waist'? Sorry, I meant 'hips'. Her armour-pants are slung low enough that she's showing a lot of thong underneath. (Yes, apparently female alien-hunters wear thong undies.) On the top half of her body... okay, technically she DOES have a T-shirt, but since she's pulled it up to wipe her face, it's not covering anything.

I am intrigued by the setting that makes this outfit seem like a good idea. I can only assume that it's populated by ferocious monsters with extremely short legs that can't jump. Maybe hell-wombats?

"X'Stacy" is a Big Sword Chykk, who might look kinda fierce if she wasn't in extreme danger of tripping and falling over because HER PANTS ARE AROUND HER ANKLES. Also, if you have huge breasts that stick about about a handspan in front of the rest of your torso, perhaps it would make more sense to put the armour on the breasts first and not the other way around?

[Edit: Rey has suggested that they might be gaiters rather than pants round her ankles, and after looking again, I think she might be right. In which case, less risk of tripping over, but still just as ludicrous.]

The site allows users to tag figures so they can easily find the ones that interest them. X'Stacy's tags, and the number of other figures on the site with those tags:

female (79)
boobs (36)
topless (23)
breasts (26)
scantily (25)
clad (25)
nipples (7)
nipple (5)
sword (22)
chain (1)

I think it's great that virginal gamers can find scantily-clad women, but it seems wrong that these ladies should be lumped in with all the others who just forgot/couldn't afford/work in a profession that doesn't permit/have never heard of clothes. What this place needs is an 'impractical female armor' tag.

Edit: If your mind works like mine, you may have spent countless years thinking "how I would love to explore the socio-political implications of roleplaying a poledancer, if only I could find a suitable miniature for my character." Well, wait no longer! (Of course, if your mind works like mine, your response will be "no, it has to be a dwarvish poledancer".)

OTOH, sarcasm aside I actually quite like this one (work-safe). Though I'm puzzled as to why it would have been tagged 'scantily clad' - compared to much of the stuff you see in gaming, a strapless sleeveless dress is pretty demure.


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