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Jan. 23rd, 2011 07:09 pm
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Dog-Or has decided that the interloper will be tolerated, as long as he recognises who's alpha dog and doesn't so much as LOOK at Dog-Or's food. Or sit on the beanbag. (So we got Basil a new doggie bed, and Dog-Or has decided he wants that one now...)

Basil is settling in, but a bit nervous about dealing with a new place and a new dog. He vanished this afternoon and we turned the house & garden over twice, trying to find him; eventually he turned up in the cupboard under the stairs. We'd already looked there twice, but he'd wriggled past boxes right to the back and was sitting there being a black dog in darkness. I don't think he's been a stray all his life, but I get the impression he's had a bit of a rough time one way or another.


Jan. 17th, 2011 09:18 pm
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So, I called a couple of different companies to get quotes on solar.

Company 1 Website: Enter your address, and we'll look up the satellite view of your house on Google Earth and email you an estimate.

Company 2 Website: Call us, and we'll send a guy over to your house and do you up a quote.

(I do both of the above.)

Company 2: We can do you a 1.5kW system.

Company 1: We can do you a 3.0 kW system.

Me (to Company 1 guy) Okay, looks good, do you want to send a guy over to do a formal quote?

Company 1 guy: We already sent you an estimate. If you're cool with that, let us know and we'll start work.

Me: It looks really nice, but... the guy from another company who came over and LOOKED at our house told us they could only do 1.5 kW.

C1G: Well, our panels are probably more efficient. They're German. [He commences rhapsodizing, I tune out.] Also, if they offer you a quote we will beat it!

Me: It still seems like an awfully big difference. You realise we're in a duplex, right? So only half the roof in that building is ours?

C1G: No worries, we looked at the satellite picture of your place!

Me: I'd really be happier if somebody came over to look at the place before I agree to anything.

C1G: We don't do that. But if you want to take pictures of your roofline and send them in, we can look at them.

Me: Here are pictures. This is where our house ends. This bit of the roof faces north, this bit faces south. So, about that 3kW system...

C1G: The 3kW system that you have enquired about doesn't fit. Here's a quote for a 1.41kW system.

...yeah. I think I know which one we'll be going with. ([personal profile] serehfa, this is the one you suggested).

Also getting ceiling fans in, and a fan-thingy for our ceiling cavity space, which will be much appreciated the next time it gets horribly hot and sticky.


Nov. 26th, 2010 08:36 am
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Now that Rey and I have a house of our own (ps I hate hate hate moving), we're looking at installing solar and signing up for the feed-in tariff. It looks like a reasonably good deal; based on a webform quote from these guys it would cost us about $4500 and generate about 2000 kW hrs/yr, which is worth $400-$1200 a year in reduced energy bills, though I haven't shopped around yet.

So, anybody have suggestions/recommendations/places to avoid? Should we consider getting a bigger system to get more money back? Speak to me, O Internets.


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