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In Melbourne. We went to see Wunderkammer this morning (yay fossils! yay taxidermy! yay antique scientific/medical equipment!), dropped by [livejournal.com profile] mordwen's pool party, and then went to see the Australian Synchrotron at Clayton. We stood on the balcony looking at shiny machinery and inhaling the SCIENCE!

Migraine the other day. Boring details for my own records. )

Edit: Also, Octopus go squish!
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What with still being unemployed, and Rey working graveyard shift, my own sleep cycle is all over the place. Last night I was working on a modelling project when I noticed Dog-Or standing there staring at me: It's two-thirty in the morning. Shouldn't you be in bed?

I mentally acknowledged that yes, I probably should, but I just had one little bit more to go. So he came over and flopped on the beanbag, watching me and waiting for me to finish. So around 3 am I finished up and went to bed. Dog-Or is used to cuddling up to either Rey or myself, and since she wasn't there and I was up later than usual, this was obviously messing up his plans. I thought about what a loyal little doggie he is, and went to bed with a spaniel cuddled up against my feet.

And then while I was fast asleep he snuck out to the kitchen again, stood up on his hind feet, and nibbled a great big wodge off the cake that Rey had left a little too close to the edge of the table because I was no longer there to stop him.

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A couple of days ago I declared it to be Time To Clean Out The Library. One of the lovely things about getting a house with more bedrooms than we'd intended is that we can set aside an entire room to be 'the library'. Unfortunately, being next to the lounge room, it also ends up as the room where junk gets thrown when we need to tidy in a hurry, and even without the junk we have considerably more books than shelves.

After all, I love books, Rey loves books, [livejournal.com profile] da_norvegicus loves books. On top of that my parents passed on a fair chunk of their own collection when they moved, and Rey had also agreed to mind books for friends who went off to be missionaries in Mongolia or something and never did come back to claim them.* So we have at least three copies of Day of the Triffids, about as many illustrated Hobbits and LotRs, and so on. Plus a lot of books that nobody should own even one copy of, like The Satan Seller.

So I declared it time to cull. The only way to do this is by mimicking the human kidney: remove everything and then filter the keepers back in. To cut a long story short: library empty and clean, loungeroom full of teetering stacks of books. Humans taking a break to sit on the sofa and watch a movie, and then Dog-Or came by looking pathetic. He was trying to get over to the far side of the room and couldn't quite get there... under the card table? No, blocked by a laundry basket. Squeeze past the exercise machine? Not quite enough room. Indirect route via the few almost-clear aisles we'd left? Too much thinking required.

So he looked up at me with big doggy eyes, and my heart melted, and I got up to reposition the laundry basket so he could squeeze past... and WHOOMF. The very moment I was up, the treacherous son-of-a-bitch had grabbed my spot on the sofa and was looking at me with his best "I have always been here" expression.

Last time I feed HIM contraband bits of cheese.

*One of the latter is the Marijuana Growers' Guide. Many years ago, before I met Rey, the Sydney Morning Herald ran an article about parents of computer-adept kids or some such. This featured a big photo of Rey in front of her bookshelf, and one sharp-eyed reader wrote in to the paper's trivia columnist to point out this book. The columnist's reply was "Do you realise that's my daughter you're talking about?"
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Of all the things I'd never thought to do with my life, I spent Saturday morning watching a rugby game. Because [livejournal.com profile] da_norvegicus had to choose between that and cross-country for his winter sport. There were a lot of tries scored at both ends, but unfortunately not in the same half; I've forgotten what little I ever knew about rugby scoring, but the other team scored somewhere in the low triple figures. Still, it was a nice day and the dog got to explore a new place with new and exciting smells.

Sunday, [livejournal.com profile] da_norvegicus elected to earn money by scrubbing floors while Rey and I went into town, leading to the following exchange:

Me: "It'll take a while, so I suggest you find some music you like and put it on."
Ratboy: "Or I could pick something I don't like, so I've got motivation to do the job quickly."

This degenerated to "the first track from the Hampsterdance CD, on repeat."

(Sadly we ended up leaving in a rush, to get to the shops before they closed, and forgot to set this in motion before we left the house. Still, he did the kitchen and dining room, and they look much less grimy now.)

We stopped off at Tin Soldier and bought gaming supplies. Then we stopped by the craft shop next door, and I managed to delay us longer there (and cost us more, too) than I had in the gaming shop, when Rey asked me to pick wool & pattern for a new jumper*. I'm not sure what this says about me.

And then we made a month's supply of sandwiches to go in our new chest freezer, because we are Organised (TM). Wasn't that exciting?

*Which means here what 'sweater' does in other parts of the world.
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We had plans to use [livejournal.com profile] reynardo's reward points from work for a getaway in wine country in Victoria last weekend. However, although Rey had called the hotel in question back in January and set a date then, they had managed to forget about this and book themselves out with a wedding instead. Bit annoying, but not really much we could do about it (and considering the weather, perhaps it's just as well). So we spent the weekend in Melbourne instead.

Got to the combined birthday party on Friday night; the food was rather nice, and not overly reliant on onion. Saturday we had pancakes with [livejournal.com profile] usekh and then headed up into the Dandenongs with [livejournal.com profile] brandtotter and [livejournal.com profile] silverblue to visit the Funk. As usual, we stopped by Gepetto's Workshop and failed to escape empty-handed; I picked up a very neat spider hand-puppet, somewhere in between cute and creepy, which kept poking legs out of any bag we put it in. Stopped by again at the Snooty Fox; they had duck with chilli and chocolate sauce, which was delicious.

Sunday, we went to a Wesleyan service to enjoy the singing of [livejournal.com profile] 17catherines and [livejournal.com profile] shadow_5tails, and then on to the annual guide dog show where we met up with my brother, his partner, and her dad. It was fun but rather overcrowded; every puppy had a tight-packed ball of people around it, and between the crowds and the rain the grounds were turning into a morass. Caught the first half of a pub concert and then we had to drive back to the airport.

As usual, did not manage to catch up with nearly enough people. But I'm sure we'll be back down in the not-too-distant future.
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Gave Dog-Or the last of his antibiotics yesterday, so no more "catch the dog and force horrible tablets down his throat". I'm happy about this, and presumably he is too. The wound is healing, slowly but surely, and he gets his stitches out on Wednesday. Will probably leave the cone on a while longer, though, because we *know* he'll want to scritch the hell out of it as soon as possible.

It's my father's 60th next month. Not sure what to get him. Not that he demands a big fuss over presents - he's pretty easy-going that way - but I'm fond of my father and I'd like to get him something nice. Half of me is saying "maybe a cookbook for bachelors" and the other half is saying "let him enjoy his birthday without reminding him about that bit". Talked to my brother - he's well and cheerful, so that's all good.

Still feeling tired and sore of late. Partly not getting to bed at sensible hours, partly a stiff spot right at the base of my skull causing headaches (chiropractor has tried twice so far to dislodge that, no luck as yet). Managed to get in a short stint on the exercise bike last night; total exercise since last update 20 km, which would be more impressive if it wasn't spread over 3 weeks, which is exactly the same thing I said 3 weeks ago. Total 158km/95mi leaves me neatly at Old Man Willow, day 4. No wonder I feel sleepy. Did at least get a reasonable amount done around the house this weekend, smote the front garden with the whipper-snipper and drove legions of tiny skinks before me. (This is a good thing; I'm v. fond of skinks and am glad they have the sense to run.)

Odd dreams last night - I'd recently sent a fairly important letter to an old old friend, and in the dream somebody was telling me she'd died. Fortunately, I'm usually at least a semi-lucid dreamer; I don't get to shape my dreams exactly as I want them, but I was able to wrench it away from "she died" to "somebody claims she's died, but they might be wrong, and besides this is a dream so it's not reliable anyway". Rey says I was talking in my sleep, but it doesn't sound like it was the same dream; apparently I was pestering her for tech support.

Oh, and the latest spam: "We cure any desease!" The contents offer me a choice between 'Viagra generic soft' (sic!), 'Cialis generic soft', 'Levitra', and 'Viagra and Cialis'. Forget hydrogen peroxide, we have a new cure for HIV and cancer!

Oh, and Dennis Mize, who sculpted minis for Ral Partha, Reaper, and various others, died aged 49. I don't think I had any of his human figures (mostly too cheesecakey for my tastes), but I'm pretty sure I've painted a couple of his monsters, and I rather like these fellows.
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The other night, a section of our back fence fell down in high winds. [livejournal.com profile] reynardo discovered this when Dog-Or showed up at our front door at 2:30 am (behind our yard is a lane that leads back to the street). In the morning we shut him inside and fixed the fence. When we let him back into the yard, he ran straight for the spot, looking back at us as if to say "There was a MAGIC DOOR here! You gotta believe me!" You probably had to be there, but it was tremendously cute.

Exercised to The Ninth Gate last night. (Yeah, I've been slack this last week, but I did get the mowing done. 20 km yesterday, 5 the other day, total 118 km/71 mi puts me just past the Buckleberry Ferry.) It was a reasonable movie, and Johnny Depp put in a solid performance, but nothing spectacular.

The bit I had the most trouble with was the book abuse. The number of people who smoked while examining a valuable 300-year-old book, even blithely dropping ash on it, had me wincing. I almost wept when Depp's character - who is supposed to be an expert on old books - squooshed said book into a hotel photocopier. I don't care if it is an evil book written by Lucifer himself, you just don't do that. (Granted, he had a pretty good reason for making copies at that point... but given the nature of his errand, it would've made far more sense to do it on specialised equipment before setting out.)

Edit: I want some of this stuff. Yes I do. But the company doesn't ship outside the USA :-(

Edit the second: But these guys do. Hmm....
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Four-day weekend v. good idea, must do this more often. Tidied and dusted the craft table (long overdue), and bought some drawers to sort my modelling bits and pieces, with the usual "must do something with those!" moments that that entails. Got lots of puttying and pinning done, plus some glueing; my mumakil from last year, which originally came in 41 pieces, is now in just 11. Lots more putty to go, but it's getting there.

[livejournal.com profile] sarin_girl came over to feed us on Thursday, and [livejournal.com profile] waitingman had dinner with us on Friday and was introduced to 'Robin Hood: Men in Tights'.

Discovered that pate has onion in it. *grumble grumble*

Watched some of the making-of stuff from Heat, which went a long way to explain why the firefight scene is so effective. Something I noticed after a comment by Michael Manne: it's a movie where the notion of 'luck' is almost entirely absent. There are no coincidences, no flukes of fate; everything of significance that happens, happens as a foreseeable consequence of somebody's decisions. Got in 18km/11mi pedalling: total 93 km/57 mi, putting me 4 miles short of Farmer Maggot's fields - Heat is an excellent exercise movie.

Edit: Via Pharyngula et al., angels vs T-rex! More here.


Jan. 25th, 2006 12:07 pm
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From [livejournal.com profile] sclerotic_rings, all the graph, grid, and hex patterns you could want. Also, an interesting NY Times article on Photoshopping in scientific publications.

Mental Commit Robot For Psychological Enrichment. Not available in Norway.

Achieved my first KoL Ascension on Monday, as an Accordion Thief. Now playing as a Pastamancer.

Exercise yesterday: 10 km/6 miles. (Have been slack the last week, due to heat and feeling like a big tired wuss.) Total 75 km/46 miles, which gets me to the end of Day 2, past elves and second Black Rider appearance, hobbits camped at Woody End. Tell you what, the travel scenes go past a lot faster in the book than they do when you're pedalling through them.

[livejournal.com profile] da_norvegicus got some new Lego the other day and I have to say, I'm sorry to see what's become of the line in recent years. When I was a kid, I'd buy a Lego set* and assemble it into the thing on the box... and then after an hour or two I'd take it apart and make it into something completely different. A house turned into a yacht, then a truck, a spaceship, a castle... that flexibility was what made Lego cool.

None of this newfangled rubbish. )
*with my hard-earned cash after trudging through the snow and selling kidneys, not like the soft kids of today oh no.
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Another year, another Windows vulnerability, and quite a nasty one by the look of it; might want to check your security settings, if you haven't already.

The 2005 Atlantic hurricane season officially ended on November 30, but Tropical Storm Zeta is still hanging in there. The NOAA has a list of the many records broken by this year's hurricane season.

[livejournal.com profile] velvetink has some photos of the smoke from the recent bushfires to the north. It was Sydney's hottest New Year's Day on record (45C/113F, and 47C elsewhere in NSW; hotter for the firefighters, of course).

Dog-Or got me a DVD of Peter Gabriel's music videos for Christmas. Such a thoughtful doggie! Still waiting on a present I ordered for somebody else on October 31; if it doesn't arrive this week, time to chase the company again.

Bought myself a little electric drill, which has made the whole pinning-models process much easier - a lot faster than using a pin vise, and more importantly more control. What am I saying? I'm an instant-gratification child and the speed's what really makes me happy, but the control is also good. I'm still working on my giant eagle, which broke off its base under its own weight (lovely pose, shoddy engineering). My Cunning Plan is that if I angle it into a turn, I can have half of its tail scraping the ground (rather than just the very tip) and get three pins into it between the tailfeathers rather than just one, but I'm still not sure that'll be enough to hold it. Any modellers got suggestions here?
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Today I convolved some data. For the uninitiated, this is pretty much the signals-processing equivalent of sex, only uncomplicated by other people.

Then later on, I deconvolved some other data. I'm not sure what this is the signals-processing equivalent of.

And yesterday I finished painting a figure I've spent ages on (Sir Stephen Swift, to those following the Aramia game; he makes an appearance in [livejournal.com profile] edward_dujean's imminent summary). I'm very pleased with how he came out. The face and eyes (always fiddly) turned out well, with very little effort on my part; the blacklining, shading & highlighting on his armour came up very nicely, and the basing isn't too shabby. I'm tempted to enter this fellow next time there's a novice contest; I can see one or two spots where he'll lose marks (I didn't entirely succeed in getting all the casting lines off, and my freehand on his shield is a bit wobbly), but I'd be interested in commentary on the rest of it. One of these days I will get a camera with a decent macro mode so I can bore you all with my miniatures in better focus.

Incidentally, it is entirely a coincidence that one of the major ethnic groups in my setting just happens to have the same rather dark skin that I've found easiest to paint ;-)
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Happy news! A good friend of mine had his wedding reception at Mt. Stromlo Observatory some years back, and I was saddened when the place was gutted by bushfires - and I do mean gutted - back in 2003 [not 2000, the article is wrong]. So it's good to see the Mt. Stromlo team with something to celebrate at last.

We went down to Canberra for the weekend and saw my family & our neighbours. Alexander, my childhood best friend, is doing very well for himself and looking forwards to his first child next year, so hooray for him :-) We visited the National Portrait Gallery for their Cecil Beaton exhibition and looked at some of the others as well. I was entertained by the portrait of Joh Bjelke-Petersen; the card next to it explained that it was painted for the 'Joh for Canberra' campaign as a fund-raiser, but the artist refused to go on TV to promote it - in his words, "As a Queenslander I'm happy to take Joh's money, but I wanted nothing to do with the campaign".

Then we saw the new Pride and Prejudice. Enh. No, you do not get sodding spoiler warnings for Jane Austen. )

Overall, weekend was rather stressful but could have been worse. Oh, and on the way there I saw the most shamelessly weasellish front-cover-review-quoting on a budget DVD for sale at the Goulburn rest stop:

"PERFECT... 10/10!" -IMDB

And you probably *can* find such a review somewhere among these, but when the best recommendation you can find for your movie is that "some anonymous dude on IMDB liked it", you know you're in trouble.
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Usually, when I tell Dog-Or "Outside!", he'll look at me blankly and maybe amble a step or two doorwards. And if he's already out, and I call "Inside!", he'll saunter back towards the door, look inside at us while wagging his tail, and then go back to whatever he was doing before.

Yesterday, it was very different.

"Outside!" He snaps to attention like a well-drilled soldier, trots out to the back porch, and awaits orders.
"Inside!" Back inside, sitting again, waiting for more orders.
"Outside!" Again.
"Inside!" And again.
"Outside!" Again.

And then I gave him the meat I'd been holding, and suddenly all linguistic skills evaporated. I swear, it's like 'Flowers for Algernon' every time I open the fridge. With a bit of training, I could probably get him writing sonnets for a particularly juicy steak.
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In the noble low-budget tradition of Dungeon Majesty: Fantasy Bedtime Hour. Two women in bed read and discuss Lord Foul's Bane. (Visually work-safe thanks to strategically placed sheets, AFAICT from brief examination; audio probably not work-safe.)

"My son becomes a man, gets +2 STR, +1 DEX." A geek's pride as his 13-year-old son gets his first set of roleplaying dice.

Tuesday, the RAAF will be holding a funeral service in Hanover for the crew of a Lancaster PB290 bomber shot down in 1944. One of them, Richard Hawthorn, was a cousin of my late grandmother; beyond that, all I know about it is what's in the article.

Reasons not to see 'Wedding Crashers'. I don't think there's any topic that should be completely off-bounds for humour - one of the ways we cope with wrongness in our world is to joke about it - but *trivialising* rape is remarkably uncool.

OTOH, 'Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit' was very good. IMHO, best Aardman so far :-) And several gags in there that the little ones *won't* get...


Sep. 5th, 2005 08:37 pm
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Had fun weekend. [livejournal.com profile] shadow_5tails came up to visit on Friday and we went to VNV Nation (not really my kind of music, but good show nevertheless).

Saturday, finally managed to run a session of my D&D game after a couple of postponements due to player unavailability. Aside from some amazingly stupid PC tricks that got one character in a lot of trouble* and another killed**, it was a fun session. And I almost made [livejournal.com profile] reynardo cry, but in a morally acceptable way, so that's OK. [livejournal.com profile] da_norvegicus gave Tony and me our Father's Day cards and presents, yay!

Sunday, had nice quiet day at home (plus food run) and introduced [livejournal.com profile] shadow_5tails to Die Ärzte and Young Frankenstein. Weekend ended much too soon, as they do, and we took her to the airport on Monday morning.

And a Mystery Package arrived from Yosemite containing rather a lot of bears. I have no idea *what* we're going to do with 'em :-)

Tired today. Somebody remind me to get an early night.

*Hint: When there are twelve guards paying attention to you, that is not the time to attack the castle head-on in broad daylight. Especially when the guards are ogres. ESPECIALLY when they are metal ogres. I don't care if you *are* a bear made out of wood.
**While there are very rare occasions where jumping into a fire is a good idea, WHEN YOU ARE MADE OF PAPER IS NOT ONE OF THEM.
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Via [livejournal.com profile] sclerotic_rings, a rather amusing poem by one of Australia's best-known expats: The Book Of My Enemy Has Been Remaindered. Imagine if William Shatner was your enemy!

Rey and I went to see NIN last night, along with [livejournal.com profile] sarin_girl and Tim-whose-LJ-I-don't-know. But I'm assuming he has one, because, hello, NIN concert-goer?

And it was pretty good. I've seen complaints that at other gigs, NIN played for forty-five minutes and then left without so much as a 'goodnight', but that didn't happen here. We got almost two hours of Trenty goodness, including all the crowd-pleasers*, ending on 'Head Like A Hole'. Trent himself was a little jarring, no longer the pale gothboy he used to be; he's bulked out a lot (looks like muscle rather than fat) and got a short haircut. (Also, I notice, an ascending forehead.)

Second-stupidest moment of the night: In the quiet bit in the middle of SF Inc, the audience started clapping. It wasn't really a bit that *needed* clapping, and they screwed up the rhythm so badly that Trent lost his place, gnarred at the clappers, and ended up skipping ahead to the next part of the song.

Stupidest moment of the night: The support act, 'Bird Blob'. I'm sorry, Melbourne-Band-Whose-Name-I've-Forgotten who supported Nick Cave some years back, but you have been toppled from your perch as Suckiest Support Act Ever. They had the volume cranked up to 13 (seriously, they were several notches louder than NIN) and I walked out about a minute into the first song because it was outright painful even without the spot strobing directly at my face. Poor Rey decided to stay and mind our seats; I hope it hasn't damaged her hearing. From the foyer the volume was low enough that I could make out the actual music, and... well, I'm sure it held something for somebody, but that somebody wasn't me. Ended up spending most of that time milling around outside with the smokers, icky but not *as* icky.

*He didn't do 'True Love Waits', though.
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SMH article, snipped for length:

A search is under way for a man missing since a crocodile grabbed him from his canoe in Queensland's Cape York Peninsula. [At this point, when they say 'missing', they mean 'we hope to retrieve the body'; there's no real doubt as to the poor beggar's status.]

...National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) rangers combed the area, which is well sign-posted with crocodile warnings, but there was no sign of the man. A search of the Normanby River is continuing. Cairns police Superintendent Mike Keating said the man had been trying to push the crocodile away from the boat when it grabbed him by the arm.

"They were moving throughout the water hole and at some stage they noticed a crocodile," he told the Nine network. "It approached the canoe and as a result of that the canoe has turned over and the man is now missing. He was taken out of the canoe by the arm as he tried to fend the crocodile off."

...Local crocodile hunter Mick Pitman said the area where the man disappeared was a known crocodile habitat and well sign-posted with warnings. "I've never gone up nowhere near an estuarine river where there's crocs because the first thing he'll do is come up and give you a walloping," Mr Pitman told ABC Radio.

I feel sorry for the guy and his wife, but I really wish people would reduce the amount of sorry-feeling I have to do by READING THE SIGNS. Almost every crocodile fatality that happens in Australia seems to happen to people who ignored warning signs and/or local advice; the only exception I can think of offhand is one where a tour guide was subsequently charged with manslaughter for telling tourists an area was safe when it wasn't.

Related note: Am I imagining it, or do Australian police have an odd tendency to squeeze a superfluous 'has' or two into what should be basic perfect-tense constructions? "It approached the canoe and as a result of that the canoe has turned over" instead of "the canoe turned over", "a white male has approached the teller and an exchange of gunfire has taken place", that sort of thing. Not in the it-just-happened context where I usually expect to hear that construction, but in describing events afterwards. I *think* the term for this is 'imperfective aspect', but I'm not certain.

Unrelated note: To those who read yesterdays locked post - eyes feeling happy again today, after another eyebath and early bed last night. Interesting to do once, but would just as soon not do that again in a hurry.
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I was too young to follow his political career at the time, but David Lange seemed like a good sort of fellow. An incident about a week ago endeared him to me: in failing health, Lange was in hospital, due to have his leg amputated because of complications from diabetes. He was frail enough that the medical team were unwilling to put him under; instead, they gave him a local anaesthetic and went to work. About forty minutes into the procedure, he looked up at the surgeon and asked "Doctor, are you sure you've got the right leg?"

Unrelated: Have been watching the BBC Day of the Triffids, which is v. good (and reminded me just how much of 28 Days Later it inspired). As always, I'm impressed by how little John Wyndham's novels have dated; it's hard to believe DotT was written more than fifty years ago. I think the key to this is that Wyndham's novels are driven by people, rather than technology, and people haven't changed nearly as much. I'd *love* to see a movie of The Kraken Wakes, but I doubt anybody would do it; it lacks the climactic battle at the end that Hollywood seems to need.

Anyway, I digress; what I want to know is, is that Sinead O'Connor singing partway through the second episode? It sounds awfully like her, but I can't find any information either way.


Aug. 8th, 2005 08:34 am
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[livejournal.com profile] freyaw came to visit on her way back home, staying Friday night - we went shopping at Tin Soldier on Saturday and invested in gaming-related shinies before she flew out. Then I painted up a beastie for the evening game, which was rather fun. )

Looks like we're actually going to manage three or four games on consecutive weekends, which is practically unheard of.

Have been playing Knights of the Old Republic, after grabbing it from a bargain bin. On the whole, pretty enjoyable, but with some major frustrations. Quests that break when you do things in an order they hadn't expected, a lot of "trudge across three maps you've already explored to talk to somebody again" (doubly frustrating because the same company had solved that problem five years earlier, and triply with the number of people who seem to think 'somewhere in a vast featureless desert' is a good place to arrange a meeting). And the damn swoop racing... okay, minigames good for providing variety, but after the first couple of races these were just infuriating. If I want racing games that difficult I'll buy a racing game, not a turn-based CRPG, 'k? And having multiple NPCs talk about "upgrading your swoop bike", but not actually providing any way to do so, was just rubbing salt into the wound. Unskippable cutscenes also grate, especially when attached to things that are going to happen over and over.

But it had the things I really like in a CRPG. Decent characters, reasonable storyline, and some real choices, some of them quite complex. (What do you do when a court's assigned you to defend a man you know to be guilty?) Good enough that I'll probably track down KOTOR 2 one of these days, but it could've done with a bit more polish.


Aug. 3rd, 2005 09:59 am
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Arthur asked me to give him a hand with a mathematical problem the other day. Good news: on investigation, there's a single-line Matlab command that will do what he wants. Bad news: he needs to do it in Excel. (Eventually solved, but rather more work that way.)

Via [livejournal.com profile] usekh, this hurts my brain. Still trying to figure out whether it's intended tongue-in-cheek; I suspect so, but it looks as if some of the subjects are taking it at face value. Reminds me of Kim Newman's Pitbull Brittan, a stirring tale of a Thatcherite superhero who goes around walloping striking miners and combating evil unionists.

CBC story, by way of [livejournal.com profile] james_nicoll: "...a spokesperson with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority said lightning was causing technical problems with the airport's lightning-detection system".

Also, lovely octopus icons! And I have yet another Girl Genius icon, too.

Also, goddamn earworms! (See current music, below.) At least there's this site to 'help'.

Also also, I am disturbed to read this passage on Wikipedia: Badger Badger Badger, not for its content but for its implications: "The audio doesn't match up exactly with the visuals. This becomes plainly discernible after 30 minutes of continuous playing. At this point, the audio is at the twelfth "badger" in the first line while the visuals show the mushroom. Over the next few hours, the visuals continue to play faster than the audio, achieving maximum separation at 4 hours 12 minutes. Thereafter the gap begins to close, and becomes synchronized again at about 8 hours 30 minutes. This process continues cyclically."

Also also also, somebody at the Onion feels the same way I do about the age-old "how do I write female characters?" issue.


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