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10pm here, and it's still 32C. I'm not finding a lot of consolation in the knowledge that Melbourne and Adelaide are much hotter... hopefully they'll cool down a bit by the time I join Rey in Melbourne, in March. It's quieter here without her, and Dog-Or is looking hopefully out the window as I type (although mostly he just looks hot and nudges me for cuddles/food/ball).

Gradually settling into the new workgroup; the old group finally let go of me at the end of the year. I've been fielding a few questions, but my replacement seems to have got a good handle on things. I still check the weekly status reports to see how things are going; I feel oddly protective of that project. (The good news is that the after months of panic and alarm, the status reports are miraculously catching up to where they're supposed to be; the problem seems to be that progress data wasn't being input quickly enough.)

New project, somewhat related, is operations research - trying to figure out how much time/money/manpower we actually need to run a survey. I grumbled about some of this recently so I won't repeat myself on the subject of the code; at the moment I'm trying to decide whether my time would be better spent in finessing the modelling, or fixing dodgy input data.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] quatranoctal, I have now seen 'The Trial of the Incredible Hulk'. Which is rather misleadingly labelled, because neither the Hulk nor Dr. Banner actually, y'know, go on trial. (There is a brief trial scene, where the Hulk gets all angry and smashes up the courtroom, but then he wakes up and it was All A Dream and instead he escapes from prison pre-trial. And his lawyer, who is secretly Daredevil, covers for him, which I'm sure violates some code of ethics somewhere. And somewhere in there there's a touching scene between the two of them that I'm trying very hard not to see as homoerotic. And the "I'm a person, a person with rights!" speech comes pretty close to "This man is dead... murdered... and someone's responsible!" for quality movie speechmaking. But overall, it actually wasn't that bad.)

...it's a hive of activity here :-)
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