Date: 2007-03-22 11:39 pm (UTC)
If you wish to directly answer another users post why not just simply comment in said post, rather than filling up the community with new posts?

On 'filling up the community': in the last twelve months [ profile] sceptics has had just twelve posts - and all but two of them were from you. (And of the remaining two, one of them is friends-locked, so a non-member looking at the community isn't going to see that one.)

Excepting the most recent one, I like your posts; they're usually thoughtful and interesting to read, or I'd have left the community ages ago. But I'm sure you've noticed that you're pretty much the only person posting there, and that sort of thing tends to become a vicious circle. If people checking out the community see that only one person is posting there - and not very often as that - they're not likely to bother adding it.

You're the mod, and it's your call to make, but I think [ profile] sceptics is in rather less danger of "filling up" than it is of stagnating.

The other reasons I made it a post rather than a comment were that it's fairly long (comment format is not great for long posts - I like to be able to edit so I can fix any mistakes that slip past the first time around) and that it's tangential to the original thrust of your post. That sort of statistical mistake can be made in a lot of other contexts, and IMHO stats-abuse is an important area for sceptical scientists to keep track of.

Anyway, it's your call, but if you decide not to approve the post could you please send me back a copy of it? (C&Ping here would be fine.) I didn't think to make a local copy at the time, and there are a few bits in there I might recycle for other stuff.
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